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Chris Smith

As lead estimator Chris collaborates with suppliers and trade partners to prepare contract pricing for all projects at Boardwalk Builders. In addition to purchasing all of the building materials, Chris ensures that all aspects of the build are purchased and lined up prior to production.

As a prior project manager and office assistant in the construction field, Chris has knowledge of every step in the construction process, which allows him to problem solve issues before they arise. 

In 2019, Chris graduated from Salisbury University with a Finance degree & stayed in school full-time to pursue his Graduate degree in business administration & graduated in 2020.

His favorite aspect of working at Boardwalk Builders is seeing the projects go from concept to reality. Being the estimator, he is very hands-on at the start of the project (when it is just an idea in the client’s mind). Seeing it progress from that, to a drawing, and then to reality is a very rewarding process, especially when the client is happy at the end of the project.

In his free time, Chris enjoys taking his Husky Stormi for walks, working out, and spending time with friends.