Boardwalk Builders

Our crew defines us. We are a team of hard-working and detail orientated carpenters, project managers, estimators, and more. We push each other to the next level to achieve greatness for you and your home. No matter if the job is a bathroom renovation, a home remodel, or a custom-built home, we operate at the highest level with professional, responsive, accountable, and uniquely capable craftsmen. Boardwalk Builders has worked along the Delaware Shore for 30 years. We have grown into a successful company through the support of our trade partners and care for our clients.


Exacting. distinctive.

We build dreams by doing whatever nice people need done.

We understand that your home is an integrated reflection of your sense of style and taste – a reflection of who you are – and we take time to get your project right. At Boardwalk Builders, we bring together a diverse team of professionals and craftsmen in residential design and construction.

We take excellence and education very seriously and believe you can’t have one without the other. Coastal building presents special challenges; we welcome challenges and offer comprehensive solutions to keep you comfortable and sustainable here at the beach. 

We are here to serve your needs and those of your home. Whether a simple adjustment or a major addition, we work with you to give shape and form to your ideas, while staying focused on the details – the traffic flow in the kitchen, the fireplace mantel in the family room, even the angle of the afternoon sun into your bedroom – that make your home your own. You can expect to relax and leave the work to us. An on-site project manager/lead carpenter will oversee and coordinate all aspects of your home renovation or custom built home. Expert craftsmen will remodel your home and keep the work area clean. 

We share progress reports and photos to an online client portal to keep you up-to-date on your project.


Our promise

You will never be left in the dark wondering about the progress or quality of your project. Our office staff is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm.

Since 2005 we have used GuildQuality to survey customers to be sure we receive real-time customer feedback. This feedback allows us to monitor our craftsmanship and improve quality, and to articulate that quality for prospective customers. Each year, GuildQuality gives The GuildMaster Award to the companies that demonstrate an ability to deliver a consistently superior customer experience. Our customer feedback has earned us the GuildMaster Award in 7 of the past 8 years.  

Be assured that Boardwalk Builders’ contracts have a firm price and we warranty our craftsmanship. Boardwalk Builders, Inc. has been in business since 1986, is licensed by the State of Delaware, carries full liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance, and enjoys an excellent reputation within the coastal community and the national building community. Relax – we’ll handle it all. 

In addition, Boardwalk Builders won the prestigious National Housing Quality Silver Award for Commitment to Quality Remodeling, after an extensive on-site expert review of Boardwalk’s craftsmanship and design capabilities; business management, operational, sales and warranty practices.

Schedule your first appointment with Boardwalk Builders today and bring our exacting and distinctive work into your home!