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The Marsh House

on Friday, 10 June 2016.

Modern custom home overlooking the Rehoboth Bay

When Patty first laid eyes on the corner lot adjacent to the Rehoboth Bay that would become the site for her dream home, she never imagined the possibilities. Partnering with Mark McInturff of McInturff associates, a long-time friend and collaborator, Patty and Mark got to work designing the home of her dreams. The goal for Patty and Mark was to design a house that capitalized on the views of the bay, included outdoor living space, and captured the coastal breezes.

The result of the collaboration is a very contemporary house, with views of the grassland of the marsh, and across the Rehoboth Bay. The interior of the home features cork flooring in the main living areas, which flows into Douglass Fir cabinets and accents. The use of fir throughout the house, including in the windows and doors, creates a unified, streamlined space bringing your to focus to the natural beauty of the bay. The continuity of the design extends to the exterior of the home with cedar shingle siding featuring textured accents and a concrete driveway was stained a dark brown.

In order to meet design goals, Patty and Marc had to overcome a number of challenges often associated with coastal building. First, the small lot size and proximity to the marsh provide a minimal amount of buildable space on land susceptible to erosion. To address this, a bulkhead, a wall that helps keep the dirt from washing away into the marsh, was installed. The use of the bulkhead also allowed the house’s lower floor to be higher than the flood plain, offering a touch more protection from the tidal waters, and expanding the lot just enough to make the design work. Additional stability was provided by building the house on pilings, a common practice for coastal houses due to the soft ground.

The second challenge was to build a house with enough windows to offer endless views, but still support the overall house structure. Traditional homes are supported by walls made of a structured material (wood, brick, etc.) and are not reliant on windows for structural support. Think of windows as filling the space with air and not a structured material. Predictably, building with heavy (big, glass) windows (air) means structure needs to be added through other materials and design elements. To allow for large windows, Mark incorporated a steel frame and support cables into the design. Ordinarily, a steel frame would be hidden from view. By incorporating the exposed steel in the interior design, Mark and Patty again created continuity between the exterior and interior of the home.

Even with all the unique and beautiful elements of the Marsh House’s design, Patty’s favorite part of her new home is the two story screened in porch. In nice weather you can find her relaxing with a book and listening to the deer walk through the marsh. Patty was even able to watch the super moon eclipse in September from her screened in porch – truly bringing the natural beauty in.

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