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Retro Condo Renovation

on Thursday, 04 June 2015.

Objectives:  This North Shores townhouse has been the family vacation & gathering spot since 1971, and held great memories of wonderful times & childhood evolution.  Sagging floors, roof deck leaks and salt air had all taken their tolls.  The family decided to keep the condo as a legacy property to use & enjoy in the coming years.  The quest was to update the condo, keeping the feel & flavor, but making it more comfortable & functional for an extended family that includes kids, dogs & messy guests. 

What we did:

  1. Structure:  Like many similar structures in the neighborhood, the floors and roof in this 1970-era condo had sagged significantly.  We added steel beams (concealed within the original framing) to straighten the structure.  This also allowed us to eliminate a post in the dining room.
  2. Floor plan:  On the second floor the elimination of the dining room post and the widening of the kitchen doorway dramatically improved traffic flow in the once-claustrophobic kitchen.  In the first-floor master bedroom we created a larger bath and a walk-in closet by relocating a few partitions.
  3. Energy & Comfort:  A chronically wet crawlspace & leaking roof deck had created moisture problems and musty odors for years.  The home is now protected by a new Duradek roof membrane above and a carefully detailed crawlspace liner below.  The musty odors are a distant memory.
  4. Clean & Fresh:  The timeless beach feel of the new kitchen & bath cabinets and wood & tile floor, coupled with the original furniture, evokes the memories of years of family meals & heart-to-heart conversations centered around the table lovingly referred to as “the damn orange table”.