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Project Spotlight: A Contemporary Coastal Kitchen

on Monday, 02 July 2018.

The end of a project is often bitter-sweet for us. Although we love to see the joy on our client's face when they see their new space, it's sometimes hard to say goodbye after spending time together over the course of the remodel. So we are always thrilled when a past client calls us to redo another room in their house. It's like reuniting with old friends. That was the case with our latest kitchen remodel. Project Developer Kelsey Hamilton, talks about how she worked with second time clients Anna May & Karen, to give them the kitchen of their dreams.



Q: Tell us a little bit about this remodel? What were your clients want/needs?

A: These were repeat clients that were gearing up for a large kitchen and bath remodel to update the main floor of their beach house. The clients were looking for a company that valued communication and commitment to work through the design and construction process with them to update the space from dated to a more modern feel without losing the “beach” aspects of a coastal home. We were so happy for the opportunity to work with them again.


Q: What did the old kitchen look like? How was it transformed?

A: The existing kitchen had white washed cabinets and green laminate countertops! The space was also dominated by a poorly positioned peninsula with wall cabinets mounted to the ceiling effectively blocking the view across the main living space. We were able to completely redesign the space to incorporate open living, more storage, and a better seating plan.


Q: Any challenges during the reno? How did you overcome them?

A: An overarching challenge for the project was the Easter deadline, as the clients had plans to host family in their finished kitchen for the holiday. Anyone who has done a construction project knows how tough the scheduling aspect is, and our team worked tirelessly to ensure the kitchen was ready for Easter!

We discovered a challenge early on with the existing plumbing when a grease clog was discovered in plumbing pipes that had been installed incorrectly. The lack of appropriate angling in the drain pipes had resulted in a buildup of grease overtime, nearly blocking the whole drain. We installed new drain piping with appropriate angling to correct the issue. While discoveries are rarely fun to find, we were able to correct the issue before it got worse!


Q: What is your favorite thing/feature about the kitchen?

A:The finished project incorporates contrasting cabinet colors, a vibrant, dynamic countertop selection, uniquely shaped countertops of varying heights, a large island for gathering, and a better use of the old seating area. The redesign of the corner seating area is my favorite feature, with the wave shaped countertop that continues through the windows into the adjacent dining room. This “nook”, as the clients refer to it, seamlessly connects the two rooms. It also offers additional storage for large rarely used items and countertop for cook books. 


Q:  What do the clients think about their new space?

A: Our clients are thrilled and have already had a few gatherings to show off the space. They have told us that it is truly their "dream kitchen" and draws "ah-s" from visitors and works efficiently for their day-to-day and special occasion events.


Q: Whats a tip/advice you would give a reader thinking about a kitchen remodel?

A: If you’re interested in a kitchen or bath project (or any remodel!) it is never too soon to start thinking about schedule!

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