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Driveway Upgrades for More Curb Appeal

on Friday, 20 May 2016.

Neighbors work together to increase their curb appeal!

While curb appeal is important when marketing a house, it is also an important detail to consider in homes that aren’t for sale. The driveway and entry to a home is usually the first detail of the home people are introduced to, whether the home owner, or guests. A well designed driveway frames the entry to the home and invites guests to focus on the home rather than the driveway. This before and after illustrates a driveway project that goes from drab to fab! Clients approached us about transforming their overgrown and dilapidated driveway. The driveway in question ran along the property boundary with their neighbors, and the neighbors actually teamed up to design a driveway space that would function for both properties.

driveway before small
driveway before 2 small

The overgrown bushes shown in the before photos crowded both driveways and were a continued nuisance to tame. The existing pea gravel driveway was constantly invaded by weeds and grass. The lack of a boundary between the driveway and landscaping created a messy border of weeds around the foundation of the home. The driveway on the left is a combination of brick pavers and concrete slabs, which accents the brick work on the front border of the property and the home. The clean lines of the brick accents were lost in the overgrown bushes, a scrubby border on an otherwise well-manicured property.

driveway aftersmall
driveway after 2 small

By removing the overgrown bushes and installing a fence to delineate the property boundary, both driveways have a clear border and gained more useable space. The finished driveway property border was designed to reflect the brick and concrete accents found around the property on the left. Incorporating the same details throughout the exterior of the home creates a streamlined and complimentary frame around the home. The driveway on the right was upgraded to poured concrete, eliminating the threat of weeds and creating a defined landscape area around the foundation of the

The neighbors were able to work together to create a driveway area that complements both properties. The brick and concrete divider down the center of the driveways completes the property border for the home on the left with cohesive details. The new concrete driveway on the right creates a clean and fresh parking area that shows off the new landscaping area framing the home. These simple updates increased the curb appeal for both properties, creating a welcoming space to come home to!