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Beach Retreat Must Haves

on Thursday, 04 March 2021.

After what felt like endless rain and cloudy skies, the birds are starting to chirp and the sun is finally shining again here in Rehoboth! With the return of nice weather I am starting to get excited for our favorite season at the beach: SUMMER! Whether you own a beach house or rent every year, having a beach retreat is the best. Check out our list of beach house “must haves” to incorporate into your beach house for the upcoming summer season.

1. Outdoor Shower

If you do not already have one, an outside shower is an easy way to simplify your after-beach routine. We all know that no matter how well you brush sand off, it has a way of traveling back from the beach with you. Having an exterior shower is perfect after a long beach day, to rinse sand and avoid dripping water all over the interior of your house!

2. Clothesline

This is such an easy and practical addition to any beach home! Hanging a clothesline in a dry protected area of the exterior of your house is a game changer. A place to shake out sand and hang damp towels to dry before bringing them back to the beach or inside!

3. Beach Closet

Chairs, coolers, umbrellas, and what seems like a million random beach toys that have accumulated over the past 35 years all have their own home at my beach house. An exterior closet or shed is perfect for this. It makes clean up simple and keeps the interior of my house free of unnecessary and sandy clutter. When we get home from the beach, we hang our chairs on the installed hooks and toss all of the toys straight in the closet.

4. Fire Pit

Spending time with family and friends is the hallmark of beach life. A firepit is the perfect place to gather in the evening to hang. I love an integrated outdoor living space with a patio and firepit for entertaining during the summer and fall months.

5. Chic but Durable Furniture

Having a retreat close to the beach means days are spent on the sand and in the ocean. It also means choosing beach house furniture that can take a beating from wet bathing suits, towels, and sandy feet. Furniture like sofas and chairs should be comfy for lounging with your family and friends but durable enough to holdup against moisture and stains. Dampness can cause odors, so washable fabrics are best suited.

6. Outdoor Seating

Take advantage of the ocean air and views and furnish your deck or patio with comfortable and sturdy outdoor furniture. Remember that in coastal areas natural wood can be affected by the elements, so choose furniture that can withstand mother nature.

7. Board Games

After spending the days with toes in the sand, we like to eat dinner on our deck, and then break out a game for both kids and adults. Cards, mancala, and banana grams are always stocked in the game cabinet.