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A Porch to Sunroom Conversion

on Thursday, 01 June 2017.

We think we’re second to none in design, but there’s one person who has us beat when it comes to creating beautiful surroundings… and that’s Mother Nature! So it was no surprise when our clients, John and Leslie, came to us wanting to convert their porch into a sunroom so they could enjoy all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer, year round.

sunroom remodel sunroom remodel

sunroom remodelsunroom remodel sunroom remodel sunroom remodel

Here's how we transformed this space...

First, we enclosed the porch by installing Anderson windows into the original porch openings and adjusted the framing to fit a new exterior door. Because it was an exterior room, we had to properly insulate the porch walls, floors, and ceiling and installed a ductless HVAC unit to heat/cool the space.

Next, we replaced the siding underneath the windows with drywall, installed wide baseboards, and new vinyl plank flooring to make the space look and feel more like a living room and less like a porch. We painted the walls a navy blue and accented with bright white trim.

Now, not only does John and Leslie have a quaint space for lounging and entertaining, but also a creative space to be inspired 24/7 by Mother Nature's Masterpieces.

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