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A Bathroom Sanctuary

on Tuesday, 16 February 2016.

The before and after of a complete master bathroom remodel by Boardwalk Builders.

Creating a Sanctuary

As the before photos show, this master bath was poorly designed and lacked energy and feeling. Instead of offering respite from daily stress, the bath added to the daily struggle with constant clutter. Frustrated with their dated and cramped master bath, the homeowners came to Boardwalk Builder for help creating a more enjoyable sanctuary. Although the bathroom itself was large (11 ft x 9 ft) a seldom-used tub blocked access to the window and made the room feel crowded. Additionally, a linen closet squeezed the vanity and the shower was tiny and dark. To open up the space and make it more welcoming, new floors, cabinets, countertops, paint and shower were added to create a luxury feel in this master bath.


The transformation of the bathroom started with the removal of the linen closet, which provided room for a significant expansion of the vanity. The additional vanity space allows for more organized storage in the bathroom. The custom black-stained flush maple doors and Atlantic Salt quartz countertops create a contemporary feel that is echoed by the tile and glass accents at the shower. The shower was also expanded to take advantage of the additional space. The once cramped and dark shower now boasts a large glass door that lets in additional light.


In addition the rarely used garden tub was removed, creating a window nook for additional cabinetry and counter space. The new cabinets under the window are half as wide as the old garden tub, significantly opening up the floor plan. The new, more open floor plan allows two people to move about easily and the diagonal tile pattern energizes the space.


The remodeled bath was designed to fit the client’s needs, creating a more welcoming space in which they are able to relax and regroup. The improvements created a sanctuary for the homeowners where they can escape the daily grind. Are you looking to transform your bath into a personal sanctuary? See what Boardwalk Builders can do for you!