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Property Watch: Making the Off-Season Easier

on Thursday, 20 September 2018. Posted in Blog Preview

During the Fall and Winter Seasons, Boardwalk Builders assists our Property Watch clients with the care and maintenance of their Beach Homes. (Photo Courtesy: Delmarvanow.com)

Summer has just officially ended. No matter if you’ve been winterizing your house for years or if this your first time, it can be a daunting task. And no one wants to get back to the beach on Memorial Day to find a burst pipe or broken window. So you’ll have to pack up beach chairs, bathing suits, paddle ball sets, bring in patio furniture, schedule maintenance, and secure your house.

(Source: Cape Gazette’s Beach Paper)

We created Property Watch to assist our clients with preparing for the off-season, addressing maintenance needs, and providing additional peace of mind while they are out of town. This service includes regular visits, help with storm preparation and recovery, and coordinating repairs and service visits.

From Labor Day until Memorial Day, we visit their homes twice a month for exterior and interior walkthroughs. We make sure that their utilities are working correctly and that they are aware of potential maintenance issues. This preventative monitoring allows our clients to identify problems, like a broken HVAC system or leaking pipe, before they become emergencies and gives them time to address needed repairs before there is significant damage. Our local team is also available to help coordinate maintenance with our service partners as needed.

(Photo Courtesy: Sea Grant Delaware)

Another challenge for coastal second homeowners and our Property Watch clients is Hurricane Season. When the weather gets rough, getting back to the beach at a moments notice to get ready can be difficult. When needed during the Fall and Winter Storm Seasons, we work with clients to make sure their homes are ready for the wind and rain (or snow) by putting down the storm shutters, hanging plywood over windows and doors, and bringing in lightweight outdoor furnishings. After the skies have cleared, we’ll conduct a walkthrough noting any damage and assist in the coordination of repairs. Our Property Watch clients feel better prepared for storms and more confident in recovery, knowing the Boardwalk team is local and ready to be their eyes and ears.

Property Watch gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that their home ready today to start next summer will begin without unwanted surprises. Give the Boardwalk team a call to learn more about Property Watch!