What to Expect

What to Expect

1. Dreaming & Planning
We visit with you and your house to discuss ideas and budgets, what you like & don’t like about your home, and whether Boardwalk Builders would be a good fit for your needs. While it is critical that we understand you, we feel it is also important that you understand who we are and how we operate. We want you to have clear expectations about the process before, during and after construction.

2. Budgeting & Partner Plan
At our second meeting we will review objectives and budgets for your project and then decide if we want to move forward together. The Partner Plan is our way of working together to create a remodeling project that you will love. The basis of the Partner Plan is a mutual understanding of project scope and budget range as well as a small financial commitment on your part which is paid in the form of a retainer and will be applied against your project when we move into the construction phase.

3. Design & Selections
The goal of this stage is to maximize clarity, and create a Scope of Work that includes every material and detail used in the building or remodel of your home. For Design/Build projects we will also prepare plans for your project (including 3-D visualization).

4. Finalizing your Plans/Starting Construction
Once design and selections are complete we will present a fixed-price construction agreement, and once signed, apply for permits and order your materials. Before we start work we will introduce you to your project leader and review the project on-site with you, including construction schedule & safety/security during construction.

5. Construction
During construction we will update you on work that is being performed.
We utilize detailed checklists during each phase of construction to ensure that your project is completed with accuracy and to a high level of quality. As you enter this stage of work, you will continue to develop your relationship with our production manager and his courteous team. The team’s responsibility is to meet the building schedule, ensure quality and cost control, coordinate all work done, answer your questions, and address any new ideas you may have. Patty will continue to remain involved in your project, visiting the site often, attending meetings with you and the lead carpenter, and is available for any questions you may have during the building or remodeling of your home.

6. Project Completion
At last, your new home or remodel is complete! Prior to your occupancy, our quality-assurance team will walk through your home, noting any questions or concerns you may have. As part of our quality-control process we work with Guild Quality, a firm specializing in third-party customer satisfaction surveys for building professionals. Our goal is to make the process an enjoyable experience for you. We want you to love the enhancements to your home – and share your experiences with others who could benefit from our services. Of course, your questions and recommendations are welcome anytime, and we are always only a phone call /email away.

Now that you understand our process, give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation. (302) 227-5754

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